The offices of The Namibian were frequently the target of attacks by right-wingers. Here Gwen Lister and a staff member start the clean-up campaign after one of the attacks in 1988


With the start of The Namibian newspaper in 1985, founders Gwen Lister and Dave Smuts decided not to create an ownership structure with private shareholders, but instead set up a Trust which would aim to further the sustainability of The Namibian, safeguard its assets and reflect and promote the values and principles of press freedom, free speech and independent journalism.

The Trust activities became fully active in October 2011 after Lister handed over the reins of editor to Tangeni Amupadhi and took up the mantle of the Trust. This move put the spotlight on the wider context and workings of the Trust other than just The Namibian as had been the case up until then.

Activities of the Trust include advocacy and policy interventions to promote media freedom, free expression and access to information in Namibia and beyond. The Trust also provides practical, needs-based workshops, training and mentorship for journalists and non-editorial staff.

Lister is the Executive Chairperson of the NMT.

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ACTION Namibia Coalition statement on the International Day for Universal Access to Information


The Namibia Media Trust (NMT) is a member and secretariat to the ACTION Namibia Coalition, a national coalition of civil society organisations that are leading the national campaign for a legal framework that supports the right to access to information. Below is the ACTION Namibia Coalition statement on the 2020 celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information:

African civil society leaders advocate ‘no country left behind' in the ATI drive


The Namibia Media Trust is a member of, and presently chairs the African Platform on Access to Information Working Group (APAI-WG). Below is the statement by the APAI-WG on 28 September, International Day for Universal Access to Information, 2020:

Hands off (women) journalists!


The Namibia Media Trust (NMT) is appalled by recurring incidences in which public officials try to prevent media houses from covering important events and issues of national concern. We are opposed to the use of Covid-19 regulations to infringe on the rights of journalists to access information.

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